Storie di una mamma che cucina al dente - Stories of a mum who cooks al dente

Shrimps & Courgettes risotto

This is a very easy and fast preparation that is suited to impress with minimum effort.


Buy shrimps, also frozen if you like, with the head on. Remove the skin and keep the heads on a side.

Once done, put in a pan a carrot, celery, half an onion, half a potato (potato’s amid will make your risotto creamy), the shrimps’ head and water to prepare a fish stock that you will use to cook your risotto. Let it boil for about half an hour.

In the meantime chop some garlic and brown the sliced courgettes and the cleaned shrimps with some evo. Add pepper, salt, a bit of spices, if you like and some white wine.


After 10 minutes add the rice and toast it for a couple of minutes. Now cover it with water and let it cook stirring it every now and again.

In twenty minutes your risotto will be ready. Yummy…




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