Storie di una mamma che cucina al dente - Stories of a mum who cooks al dente

Risi e bisi (rice and peas)

This is an old family recipe that I’m very fond of. It is known only in the North East of the country. It’s very good and healthy.

Buy peas, preferably fresh, and  ham, preferably smoked, to be cut into cubes.

Put some evo (extra virgin olive oil) and shallots in a pan . When it starts frying add the ham, cook  a couple of minutes over medium heat, then add the peas.

Cook for about 10 minutes. therafter  you’ll add the rice (2 handfuls per person).


Continue to stir and add boiling water until it’s covered up to two fingers. At the end you’ll get e a soupy rice to which you’ll add the Parmesan cheese strictly with fire off.


Enjoy Mayday!!!



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